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남부대학교 산업단지캠퍼스(I-Zone) 사업단에 오신 것을 환영합니다.
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The RIS Project Group for the structural advancement of core manufacture basis technology industry was selected for the local connected industry fostering project group of the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and Gwangju Metropolitan City in 2012. Procuring the competitiveness of manufacture basis technology industry, it had a goal to establish a city for the new manufacture basis technological production base in Gwangju area for 36 months until February 2015.

The manufacture basis technology industry (root industry) is a primary process industry that manufactures parts from materials, and finished products from parts, which is the foundation for the traditional manufacturing business largely classified into plastic work, casting, mold, welding, surface treatment and heat treatment. It has also been recognized as the base industry that induces the new growth power industry.

According to such importance, the government enacted and declared the 'Promotion & High-Tech of Root Industry Act' in July 2011 and enforced it from January 2012.

Our project group has carried out the projects of networking, product technology development, labor power training, and company assistance in order to accomplish such goal.

During the project period, we shall create a high added value through the necessary resources for companies in relation to the manufacture basis technology industry (root industry) to establish the competitiveness of company. Based on the expansion of such base, we shall establish a sustainable network among companies by preparing an "Association for New Manufacture Basis Technology Industry Development" after the end of project, which in turn shall contribute to the activation of industry in Gwangju area and the growth of local economy.

I ask for your much concern and encouragement for the development of manufacture basis technology industry in Gwangju area.

Kang, Boahn, Director for the Nambu University RIS Project Group for the Structural Enhancement of Core Manufacture Basis Technology Industry