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What is a manufacture basis technology industry (or root industry)?

• It means a primary process industry that manufactures parts from materials, finished products from parts.
• It is largely classified into a process that manufactures the shapes of products such as plastic work, casting, mold, and welding
  and a process that gives a special function to materials in surface treatment and heat treatment.
• It is not only a foundation for the traditional manufacturing businesses but also a base industry that induces the new growth power
• It has been recognized as the representative of 3D (Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous) business and evaluated lower for its role and
• It has been distributed to research & construction related companies and related organizations.

Manufacture Basis Technology Industry in Gwangju Area

here is a lack of assistance to the local industries regardless of the fact that surface treatment, plastic work, casting and heat treatment are the basis of strategic local industries. Therefore, most of related parts have been supplied from the capital area. It is necessary to promote the project of 「Reinforcement of the Competitiveness in Manufacture Basis Technology Industry」with the sense of crisis from which such reality may lead to weaken the basis of local industries.

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It is possible to establish a full range assistance system of strategic industry through the technology enhancement of local manufacture basis technology industry and the assistance to companies.