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Overall Project Promotion Strategy
Differentiated Strategy for Second Stage Project

- In the first stage, its goal emphasizes the activation of local economy through the activation of product development by the root company and the procurement of company's technology competitiveness, the accomplishment of high added value of existing products, and the clustering of companies. In the second stage, it establishes the Gwangju's root industry basis through the clustering of assisted company and the differentiation and gentrification of products but also has a goal to establish the Association for Gwangju Root Industry Development.

- We shall supervise based on the planning report on the creation of cluster complex in the field of surface treatment that has been in progress in the first stage to solve the difficulty of root industry. We shall expand and prepare the assistance measure for root companies regarding the creation of cluster complex with specific and systematic progress by utilizing participating institutions and external professionals. We shall plan to assist a connection between other institutions (Gwangju Intellectual Property Center, Gwangju Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Gwangju Chonnam S & M Business Administration, Production Technology Research Center, etc) and assisted projects.

First Stage Project Second Stage Project
  • • Activation of Product Development by Local Companies
    • Procurement of Company's Technology Competitiveness
    • Accomplishment of High Added Value of Existing Products
    ·• Activation of Local Economy through Clustering of Companies
  • • Clustering of First Stage Assisted Companies
    • Differentiation and Gentrification of Product & Technology
    • Market Diversification through Root Industry Integration
    • Establishment and Activation of Gwangju Root Industry Marketing Basis
    • Fostering of Root Industry Specialized Companies
    • Preparation of Establishment Basis for the Association for Gwangju Root Industry Development

Networking for consistent support system from the development of new products to the product commercialization

- Focusing on marketing and technology, and prepared to competent institutions consistent support systems of up to commercialization of the product from prototype, participating agencies and external organizations in the form of a one-stop system support

- Establishment of assisting system by supervising institution and participating institutions for the development of commercialization products by leading company, fostering company, and caring company based on the demand survey of purchasing companies

- Assistance to design, interpretation, process, performance analysis by utilizing supervising institution, participating institutions and outside professionals